Dominus Dayton

As a Captain in the Air Force, Dominus Dayton has a passion for helping those in need. When it came to civilian life, Dominus Dayton knew he wanted to work for a company that shared his vision and ideals. People Helping People is the fastest growing Financial Services company in the industry today. Dayton joined the team as a trainee back in March and has worked hard to move up all the way to the Field Associate level. What attracted Dayton to the company is that its mission is to provide everyone access to the best insurance products possible.

With an instinct to protect, Dominus Dayton understands how elitist the financial services industry has been. Everyone deserves affordable protection. Dayton works everyday to help individuals with Life Insurance, 401k roll overs, IRAs/Roth IRAs, Long Term Care, Annuities, and Debt Settlement. One of the most important aspects of leveling the field in the financial services industry is education. This website will serve as a place for Dominus Dayton to teach people more about the best products from the best companies. Below is a breakdown of some of the top services People Helping People Provides.

Term Life Insurance

Term life insurance often provides a person with a more cost-effective approach to life insurance to protect their loved ones in the event of their untimely death. Every term life insurance policy has a predetermined amount of time associated with it. Usually, the span is between 1 – 35 years. Because the rates are usually much more affordable, there is usually not a guarantee of renewal at the end of the term period.

Return of Premium Insurance

For younger couples starting their family, Dominus Dayton will also talk to them about a Return of Premium insurance policy. This type of plan offers a bit more safety as all returns all the contributed premiums to a person who outlives their term period. Life insurance is available if a person’s family happens to need it and premium investments that can be used towards retirement are available if a person outlives their term.

Indexed Universal Life Insurance

An indexed universal life insurance policy is a policy that allows the owner to choose different percentages of their cash to invest into different indexes to potentially return larger returns. This type of policy allows the policy holder to take advantage of market gains. The reason only a percentage is invested in an indexed universal life insurance is to protect the account holder from market decline.

These are just some of the policies Dominus Dayton has helped clients secure. Be sure to check back for future blog posts where Dayton will go deeper into detail on some of these policies and much, much more.